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1966 International TravelAll John Wayne Warwagon

Scottsdale 2014
Consignment # 7230
VIN:   SB574906

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Vehicle to be offered for Auction sale January 15th -19th at Russo and Steele's 14th Annual Scottsdale, Arizona Auction. Please contact us for more information.

A 1966 International Travelall custom-built for the actor John Wayne. Used on his Arizona ranch, it is the only one of its kind in the world. Built by A custom dealer in Newport California. The roof was raised six inches so the “Duke” could wear his cowboy hat while driving. A hatch was installed in the forward portion of the roof to allow occupants to stand up through the top for shooting on the move during a hunt. Safety was also considered since it was used out on the trail and a roll bar was built behind the front seat surrounding the roof hatch.

As a ranch and hunting vehicle for the 26 Bar Ranch and Red River Land & Cattle Company, famous for raising Hereford cattle. John Wayne's 26 Bar was part of the original owners of the Mars-Milky Way candy company. It was expected to perform in all types of conditions and was designed with a 10,000 pound power take off, PTO, winch and Four Wheel Drive. Extended front and rear bumpers. The powerful International V-Eight engine was fitted with a five speed manual transmission with a hydraulic clutch. It brags a low, low granny gear for steep incline climbing, even if it was loaded with the Duke’s hunting companions and camping equipment. Most of the gear could be stored on top, in an overhead, heavy duty luggage rack that sits on the rear roof section. It even had a few of today’s luxuries, an electric rear window and air conditioning, not an option on many working trucks of the time. Custom, extended bumpers, front and rear and a spot light mounted on the roof.

The motor has just been recently rebuilt and runs as strong as the day it was delivered to the ranch.

For the last 27 years, it has been in the private collection of a Member of Texas House of Representatives.

The name “War Wagon” is attributed to an interview with Merv Griffin back in 1971. John Wayne is driving, Merv Griffin is on the passenger side and Wayne’s youngest son, Ethan, is between the two, driving around the ranch with a video camera man in the back seat. Ethan tells his dad to take the “War Wagon” down across a particular pasture to a feed lot. The name was obviously taken from the movie John Wayne was filming in 1966, where a Gatling gun was added atop of an armored coach hauling gold.

Many people associate the vehicle with the actor’s movie “Hatari” that was filmed in Africa, thinking it was one of the chase vehicles in the wild animal sequences. The Wayne Mobile” as the current owner refers to it, was ordered built for him may have been influenced by the 1962 film, but it was three or four years later before it was built. It has been told, that it had been shipped to Africa for use in a Safari or two.

Just one look at the 66’ International with its customized appearance and extras, leaves no doubt it was John Wayne’s signature ranch and hunting truck. It’s an army kind of green, Four Wheel Drive, four door, larger than life stage coach with a big motor, big bumpers, big tires and impressive. Many of the traits the original owner was widely known for.