Engine Bay Photo-Chevrolet-Corvette Le Mans Safety Car

Engine Bay Photo Engine Bay Photo Engine Bay Photo Engine Bay Photo Engine Bay Photo Engine Bay Photo Engine Bay Photo Engine Bay Photo Engine Bay Photo Engine Bay Photo
2003 Chevrolet Corvette Le Mans Safety Car Coupe

Monterey 2014
Consignment # 9168
VIN:   1G1YY22G635108947

Run # F467
Approx. Run Time
Friday 9:09PM-9:29PM

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Vehicle to be offered for Auction sale August 14th – 16th, 2014 at Russo and Steele's 14th Annual Monterey California Auction. Please contact us for more information.

The Chevrolet Corvette turned fifty years old in 2003, and Chevrolet had some pretty big plans to celebrate. Although any Corvette fan knows that the Corvette was available in full fiftieth anniversary guise, how many knew of Chevrolet's 2003 plan to be the official Safety and Pace Cars of the famed 24 Hours of LeMans race held each year in France?

While here on home turf the Corvette's association with the Indianapolis 500 is well known, the Corvette has also been racing, pacing and winning in its class at LeMans. What better way to showcase America's Sports Car to the world than to send a production car to show its considerable skills to a European, and indeed, world audience?
Chevrolet sent their best to serve at LeMans in 2003, and dressed the cars with full Anniversary regalia, including the very distinctive Anniversary Red color. While almost everyone knows the duty of the Pace Car- to start and "pace" the race, the Safety car has an arguably more important job. The Safety car has to be ready to go at a seconds notice to let all drivers know of a problem, be it a slick spot, a part fallen off a car or even a dangerous accident ahead.
The 24 hours of LeMans is run on mostly public roads, known as "the Circuit de la Sarthe". The Circuit is nearly eight and one half miles in length. Necessitating more than one Safety Car be posted in strategic spots around the track.
The car on offer here is the genuine article, not a "tape, lights and stripes" reproduction. It's use has been mostly at the hands of professional drivers doing an important job in service to the racing community.
This is one of a handful of cars released from the GM Heritage Center when GM itself was facing difficult times just a few years ago.
Your chance to be a part of the history of the Corvette awaits in this exclusive car.